You got questions, I got answers

Who is the twelve week 1:1 program suitable for?

This hands-on program is for female boss babes, who have operated their business for a minimum of twelve months and are looking to grow and scale their product based business.

What's included in the program?

I've designed this program to go beyond an automated pack of worksheets. While they do have their place, I wanted to create a program that was tangible, tried and tested and felt like you had someone there who had your back and would only be a phone call away (if) shit hit the fan!  

I'm also a BIG believer in health and wellness (hello autoimmune diagnosis!) and aim to play devil's advocate to ensure you're looking after yourself.  But I digress, let me tell you exactly what you get! 

  • Monthly in-person meetings (this may include a walk and talk session!)
  • Fortnightly zoom sessions
  • Unlimited Voxer messages (Out of office on weekends or past 5pm - boundaries baby!)
  • 12-month business road map - Think reach goals, initiatives, milestones and steps to get there.  It's a big picture look at your business and will help you stay focused.
  • Set up marketing technology stack - in plain English it's your digital systems to help you optimise and increase the marketing process through the customer lifecycle.
  • Together we'll produce one seriously good photo shoot.
  • Connections and discounts to leading suppliers and freelancers.
  • Stylesheets and templates, who has time to reinvent the wheel?!
  • One year of Yogat discounts. 
  • Advice and support, coffee and wine included. 

    How much does "said" program cost?

    The 12 week program costs $3,800 + GST AUD.  

    I'm also happy to offer a little bonus for upfront or split payments:

    • Upfront payment 10% discount
    • Split payments (2) 5% discount

    Do you offer payment plans?

    Sure do.  I'm happy to set up weekly or fortnightly payment plans.  

    I'm based outside of Brisbane, can I apply?

    While I would love to say yes, I'm going to have to say no.  I want this program to interactive and personable, so hitting the yoga mat, going for a walk or getting a coffee to talk through strategy is paramount. 

    Can I sign up for a longer timeframe?

    At this stage, I'm only offering a three month program, but I'm sure I can always be convinced!

    Is the cost of the photoshoot included in the program fee?

    No, the cost of the photoshoot is not included. I work with a number of Brisbane-based photographers and will recommend a photographer to suit your budgets and style.